How to make money on Fiverr : Complete Guideline


Nowadays, Freelancing is considered the easiest way to earn money. Freelancing is where people earn money at home and is mostly used by students. Fiverr is nowadays on the top of the list for freelancing. As Fiverr is easy to understand and easy to use as compared to Udemy and other free lancing websites.

Simple Technique:

In Fiverr, you have to create a gig and wait for the Buyers to order. The gig you created will have low ranking and rating, so to improve that send “Buyer Request” to help the gig rank in good order. Gig Favourites plays an important role in ranking your gig. The more the favorites, the higher the rank will be.

Fiverr Levels:

There are three levels of Fiverr and you have to pass one by one to be successful on Fiverr. First Level is level 1, to reach this level you have order minimum 10 individual orders and 30 days online status on Fiverr. When you surpass this, the next step you will move on will be level 2.

To reach level 2, you have to complete 50 individual orders in two consecutive months and have a low cancellation rate e.g if you have completed 50 orders then the canceled order must be between 5-10. It shows how your gig is accurate and how you communicate with the sellers.

The last level of Fiverr is a Top rated seller, this level is granted to minor people and is selected manually by the Fiverr team. To gain this level you must have a huge completed orders, have a low cancellation rate and must be 4.7 rating or above. On reaching this level, your gigs will be on top searches and you will get most orders than many of the other seller.

Fiverr Rating:

In Fiverr, the rating is your everything, your rating can make your profile to the top or bottom. Always try to take 5-star rating from the buyer because a bad rating can stick you there and you will never reach the required levels.

The level 1 needs a 4.0-star rating or above, the level 2 needs a 4.5-star rating or above, the level 3 needs a 4.7-star rating or above. So if you have a rating that is under 4 or 4.5 then you will never reach level 1 or level 2 respectively. So try to be gentle with the buyer and offer some extras for giving a 5-star rating. Plus stay in touch with the buyer to know what he is going to do with your rating.

Order Cancellation:

If the buyer is unhappy with you or you can’t do his job then try to cancel the order instead of providing him ordinary work then the buyer will give a bad rating. Mutual cancellation doesn’t affect your rating but tries to keep the cancellation rate as low as possible. Remember “Rating is more important than order cancellation”.

Fiverr Rules and Regulations:

Fiverr rules are very simple for those who are very good in their work, but on the other side Fiverr is very strict to those who deny their rules.The very important and the most known rule of Fiverr is “Do not contact the buyer outside of Fiverr”. If you send any type of profile information or website link or any contact information whether it is on Facebook, twitter, about you in inbox chat then you are in danger and Fiverr may block your account anytime.

How to Fiverr:

To start freelancing on Fiverr, join today by signing up to Fiverr and create a gig. Wait for the order or send a request to buyers. Hardworking will get you to the top but remember to stay straightforward and always respect the buyer.

Fiverr Referrals:

Fiverr gives 5$ to every new sign-up. This money will be awarded when someone buys something on Fiverr, it can be a seller or buyer. So Join today and send an invitation to your friends and family and earn up to 500$ in shopping credit.